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Words Of Motivation: The Dangers Of Labels

I have a small but prolific garden. In my wisdom I have decided to turn it into a wildlife friendly garden (in other words let it grow wild!). It is a delight to see it filled with birds by day and to see the hedgehogs come out when the sun sets.

Occasionally I see a pile of feathers in one corner of the garden. This is a sign that a bird of prey, probably a buzzard, has made a meal of a pigeon. He dives into the garden at speed and grabs the bird he has selected, sending a shower of feathers across the lawn. This is what buzzards do. He is designed for just this job. A buzzard is a buzzard and presumably never has any wish to be anything else.

I have some words of motivation for you: we humans are different to buzzards. We choose what we do in life. We select what we are. Some may find that hard to believe but it is true nonetheless.

Sadly however most of us choose to accept the labels other people place on us. Virtually every week I hear someone say ‘I would do that but I am…’ It is a disease of pandemic proportions. Maybe this is the result of the bureaucratic need to categorize people for statistics and the dominance of mass media but, whatever the reason, our labels become our prison.

We can listen to all the words of motivation we like but there will always be someone ready to give us an excuse why we cannot be the best.

An example I am hearing more in Britain now is based on class distinction. Regularly people define what they can or cannot do because they are ‘working class’ or ‘middle class’ as if that describes them as a person. Personally I have no idea what class I belong to and would be grateful if someone could enlighten me. Or maybe I am simply me.

In truth many countries around the world, including Britain, are meritocracies where you can reach any level in society if you want to do so and are prepared to do what it takes to get there. These are not simply my words of motivation; this is the reality if only we would see it.


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