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What would you pay an extra $95 to do at Disneyland?

Disneyland recently announced a $95 “farewell” dessert party for California Adventure’s Tower of Terror ride on its last night of operation. It was the latest in a long line of dessert parties and other upcharge events that Disney has announced for its theme parks here in California and in Orlando.

I follow a lot of Disney fans on Twitter, and hear plenty of comments from readers on ThemeParkInsider.com whenever Disney announces something new. Every time Disney announces a new upcharge event such as this, I brace myself for the complaints: “another money grab,” “greed,” “Walt would never do this,” “Bob Iger must need a new sports car”… etc.

But when I asked fans what $95 upcharge event they would be willing to buy, I received a long stream of responses, some of which were actually serious. So it seems that the problem many Disney fans have with the company’s upcharges isn’t that Disney’s charging more than daily admission for some events, but that it isn’t offering the right extra events to fans’ liking.

Here are some of my favorite responses for $95 upcharge events that Disneyland fans actually would like to see:

“A day where I get a personal bouncer so someone can’t slip in front of me last minute during a parade.” Given that Disneyland has offered dining packages that include reserved seating for its parades for less than $95, I think the appeal here isn’t the clear view of the parade. It’s having the bouncer to kick people out of crowding your spot. Many Disney fans have been pushed around one too many times.

“Private sunrise/nighttime photo opportunities.” If you’re willing to drop more than $1,000 on a good lens, paying $95 to get a clear, crowd-free shot of a Disney landmark is nothing. Particularly at the “magic hour” of great natural light or under Disney’s always-impressive nighttime lighting.

“I’d pay $95 to be able to rock climb The Matterhorn.” Yeah, but how much would…

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