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Wacky gifts for the tech-savvy person who has everything

NEW YORK (AP) — The latest technology can make for an easy holiday gift, but when it comes to the ultra-tech-savvy people in your life, finding a cool gadget they don’t already own can be tough.

Fear not! From “Star Wars”-themed speakers to radiation-blocking boxer briefs, there’s a lot to pick from for all the super geeks in your life.



That’s no moon. It’s a $180 wireless speaker shaped like the Death Star from “Star Wars.”

It’s a little tricky to set up, but once you get the Death Star positioned correctly over its base, it floats in the air thanks to well-placed magnets and a little help from the Force. The Death Star rotates with a tap. The sound quality is pretty good, and the rechargeable battery will give you five hours of sound.

Just keep it away from rebel fighter pilots.



It’s a Faraday cage for your, um, crown jewels.

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