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Theresa May urges Britons to unite after 'divisive' EU campaign in New Year's message

The Prime Minister said that the Brexit campaign had threatened to pull the nation apart along the lines or “Leave” or “Remain” but pleaded for the UK to come together to ensure that the best possible Brexit deal can be achieved.

The former Home Secretary promised to deliver on Brexit in the New Year and negotiate the “right deal, not just for those who voted to leave, but for every single person in this country” when talks get underway with the remanining EU nations.

In her address to the nation, Mrs May said: “The referendum laid bare some further divisions in our country, between those prospering, and those who are not.

“Those who could easily buy their own home, send their children to a great school, find a secure job, and those who cannot.

“In short, for those for whom our country works well, and those for who it does not.

“This is the year we need to pull down…

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