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The Quick and Easy New Danik Hook Mini Shows its Versatility, Toughness and Durability for Any Tie-Down Job at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas in May

High Strength Composite Danik Hook

If you need a rope for securing something, the Danik Hook makes the task fast and easy.

The season is here for the NEW “DANIK HOOK” mini. The durable new universal mini Danik Hook will be debuting at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV. May 9–11, 2017.

The Original Danik Hook is already a hit with recreational boaters on both SALT and FRESH water to quickly and easily secure anchor or boat lines without ever having to tie a cumbersome knot.

Danik Hook Mini has been found useful and simple to tie-down anything in the backyard, in a vehicle, at the campsite, or at the kid’s sporting events.

Daniel Austin, an avid water skier himself, created the Danik Hook product lines after seeing the necessity of making an annoying task of continually retying knots every time the water level changed.

Everyone comes across a time when they need to secure something with a rope, and the Danik Hook Mini makes the job nearly effortless. The compact size makes it easy to take along.

The quick release lever is the heart of all Danik Hooks. The Danik Hook Mini accepts Paracord or rope ranging from 5/32 to 3/8 diameter. The integrated ring makes securing a second line effortless.

Don’t let the “MINI” in The Danik Hook Mini fool you. It is made of a non-corrosive, glass-filled thermoplastic which can lift and hold up to 300 pounds under laboratory conditions.

Existing Danik Hook customers loved the original Danik Hook and asked if there was a smaller one to anchor Easy-Ups on windy days at their kid’s soccer game; or to tie-down a tarp on the truck or trailer, or to secure an awning, Austin said “they asked and we delivered.”

For bigger jobs, the original Danik Hooks are still the “go to” devices for fast and no-hassle tie-downs.

The stainless steel Danik Hook is a quick way to attach any 3/8 to 5/8 inch diameter anchor rope line to secure any size boat or anything else up to 8,000 pounds. The slightly smaller composite Danik Hook can handle any 3/8 to 7/16 diameter line for anything up to 500 pounds. Both work well for quickly securing a boat anchor line.

“I’ve seen guys cut and toss their lines due to the knots or other problems,” Austin said. “The Danik Hook gives you back that precious extra time having fun on the water or beach that you’d usually spend battling your anchor line.”

Danik Hook started out on the water but it has found its home in so many other places!

“Outdoor enthusiasts are always coming up with new uses for the Danik Hook,” said Greg Spangler, Danik Hook national sales manager.

“It’s so simplistic and universal that it’s not just for boats anymore,” Spangler said.

The new Mini Danik Hook is ideal for securing…

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