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The domestic consumption plays a more and more important role

In the background that China has undergone rapid economic development in the recent years, the scale of the big enterprises which is necessary for urbanization has expanded by 23 years. Some insiders believe that at present China’s electrical appliances industry is in the middle of the process of updating. On one hand, electrical appliances in the city have been changed into the high quality and  low-carbon electric appliances, which are considered as the high-grade electrical appliances, on the other hand, in the big market in the countryside,  stimulated by the government’s measures, the countryside electrical appliances consumption are being in the peak, and these consumers are more sensitive to the price than to the quality, and some  manufacturers such as Media have exactly met needs of these consumers. The enlargement of consumption may obtain verifies from aspects such as real estate and bankcard consumption. While the real estate expands to the second-tier and third-tier cities, the consumption of bankcards in these cities also expands.

 In the first quarter China’s consumption grows not very quickly, and China’s domestic consumption has not set off for the official start. In January and February in 2011, total volume of retail sales of the social consumption grows by 15.8%, compared that in last December, it has receded by 3.3 percentage points, and was obviously lower than what has been anticipated by the market. In the past ten years, proportion that final consumption accounts for output value is downward year by year. From 2000 to 2009, the final consumption rate fell from 62.3% to 48%, and the inhabitant consumption rate drops from 46.4% to 35.1%.Obviously, the drop of consumption is not formed in one day and it also certainly can not be changed with the one-day effort.

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