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Texas Hunt Club Launches an Innovative Way to Hunt and Fish Texas

Texas is too big to hunt one ranch.

Hunt and fish a network of private ranches all across Texas.

Texas Hunt Club (THC) has launched a new and innovative way to hunt and fish Texas. For years, the only way to access private land was by leasing or owning it. Today, there’s an alternative to both. Texas Hunt Club leases land across the state and sells memberships to people who have access to this network of ranches for roughly the same cost as leasing a single location ranch.

The company launched because the founders believe that “Texas is too big to hunt one ranch”. This is their slogan and is clearly accentuated on their website, TXHuntClub.com. Joe Saad, Cofounder and Chairman, explains that he found himself wanting to experience the Piney Woods of East Texas, the rolling plains out west, and the Hill Country, but there just wasn’t a cost effective way to do so. Now there is.

According to Cody Roberts, Cofounder and CEO, Texas hunters spend about $500 million annually on leases. Roberts thinks that the actual market for THC is larger. He said, “Landowners who don’t currently lease to hunters will find our model so attractive that they will begin leasing to THC not only for passive income, but to also increase the value of their land.” Meanwhile, he explained that THC solves many problems that landowners encounter when leasing to a group of individuals.

Texas Hunt Club does the work that landowners and lease hunters did in the past. They have cowboys on retainer who build and maintain feeders and blinds, check game cameras, plant food plots and make sure that the time intensive hunting and fishing management efforts are handled.

Recently, a landowner with over 12,000 acres leased to hunters asked Roberts,…

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