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Teresa Sievers killing: Eleven hundred miles to murder

Produced by Lisa Freed, Marcelena Spencer and Michelle Feuer

The shocking murder of Dr. Teresa Sievers in Bonita Springs, Florida, was a huge story — especially for reporter Jessica Lipscomb, who covered crime for the Naples Daily News.

“This mother of two who was killed brutally inside her home was horrifying to people,” Lipscomb told “48 Hours” correspondent Erin Moriarty.”I think any time there is a beautiful, successful woman who is murdered, that’s sort of what society pays attention to — for better or for worse.”

The 46-year-old doctor had cut short a family vacation in upstate New York and flown home alone on Sunday night, June 28, 2015, so she could see patients the next morning.

Dr. Teresa Sievers seen on surveillance video after landing at Southwest Florida International Airport on Sunday night, June 28, 2015.

State’s Attorney’s Office

“She … comes back to here to the Southwest Florida International Airport,” Lipscomb explained. “…there’s security footage of her rolling her suitcase through the terminal.” 

“She calls Mark, tells him she’s … safe.  And then,” Lipscomb said,” gets in her car and heads back to their house.

Investigators believe that as soon as Dr. Sievers walked into her kitchen, she was killed – struck repeatedly with a hammer.

“You kind of put yourself in her shoes,” Lipscomb continued, “rolling your suitcase through the door, and then to be attacked by someone from behind is — it’s hard to imagine.”


Amy Bennett Williams, wrote about the Sievers murder for The News-Press.

“I remain astonished by why it had to be done with such savagery,” she told Moriarty of the doctor being struck with a hammer 17 times.

“It’s passionate, it’s premeditated, it’s — it’s — it’s cold,” said Lipscomb.

“And angry,” Moriarty noted.

“Very angry,” Williams agreed.

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