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Synchronous ledger technology (aka blockchain): The companies to watch

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No new technology since the Internet itself has excited so many pundits as blockchain, but the mania has largely settled down, and I have warmed to the third generation ledger technologies carefully researched and developed from the ground up, by R3, Hyperledger and Microsoft, to name a few of the main players in this field.

The latest update of my Constellation ShortList™ reports identifies the Synchronous Ledger Technology services and platforms recommended for early adopters pursuing digital transformation.

Why Snychronous Ledger Technology

Experience and sharper analysis exposed the inherent limitations of the original blockchain. R&D continues at a frenetic pace on fundamental algorithms, service delivery models, and applications. As the field continues to evolve, one feature is shared by all important blockchain spinoffs: they all help to orchestrate agreement on some property of a complex set of transaction data. Hence, I’ve suggested the label Synchronous Ledger Technologies, which is more precise than “blockchain” and more accurate than “Distributed Ledger Technology”.

Three Approaches to Blockchain and SLT delivery

  1. Dedicated SLT Developers working on special purpose, often industry-specific systems; these include Evernym and the Sovrin Foundation, R3 and Swirlds.
  2. Consortia and large consulting firms that have established platforms in which businesses can explore, conduct pilots, and, where appropriate, collaborate; for example, Deloitte, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Hyperledger, and Wipro.
  3. Managed services which promise to offer SLTs in the cloud, with catalogues of standardized data management services with solution consulting; “Blockchain as a Service” might well come to dominate SLT delivery but at this time there are two leading providers: IBM and Microsoft.

Recommended Snychronous Ledger Technology Services

As is the case with all emerging…

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