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Step In To Your Graceful Feminine Leadership!


A beautiful young woman was sitting in the chair in front of me after we had completed her Hand Analysis and in the middle of the coaching session that followed, she started crying and throwing at me different verbal objections as to why she couldn’t see herself as a Leader.


Her eyes were red and very sad, her voice low and weak. “I am not a Leader!”, “What makes you say that? How can you say that! I am so scared when people are watching me speak on stage or when I am giving other people instructions.  I can’t even stand up for myself, how can I lead others?”


“Hmmm, I said, that’s because it shows Leadership on the lines on your hands. If this is on your hands, it is in your life. There is no doubt about it. Now, you may not have focused on it, you may not have been thinking about it, you have your limited beliefs about your abilities and your expectations for yourself. But it is there, in your hands and Life will constantly challenge you to step in to your leadership shoes till you get the message!“


The Magic of Hand Analysis is that it always works!


Let me discuss something that will make good sense to you. As women, we are all playing different roles in our lives: Child, Parent, Business Women, Boss, Spouse, Leader, Friend, Lover, etc. Each of these roles involves a different set of responsibilities and mindset.


 If you get mixed up with your roles and constantly play Boss in your family you will create challenges with your loved ones. They don’t want a bossy mother or wife, they want a strong, sweet and compassionate woman who is open to forgiveness, understanding them and hugging them.


The same will happen with you if get mixed up and you start playing Parent in your business where you have a Leadership position. You are helping too much, concerned too much about others and not speaking up about your frustrations and misunderstandings, and in no way are you giving your business the direction it needs.


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