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Severe weather affects millions across the US Video

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Transcript for Severe weather affects millions across the US

To death severe weather move across the country tornadoes flash flooding in more it’s been damaging homes from Texas to Vermont. It wouldn’t go to gender who’ve been tracking it all good morning we’re like. EF one and EF two tornado in Bellevue Nebraska this was the damage and ultra just too much more than 500 severe storm reports over the weekend you can see them there. Now with all eyes on the East Coast for later today. A weekend of severe storms and from flash flooding in Kansas City to Connors floating in Omaha and submerged near Erie Pennsylvania. Baseball sized hail cracking windshields in northeastern Missouri. And this morning folks in Bellevue Nebraska still cleaning up after two tornadoes raged across that tariffs south of Omaha this drone footage showing a street level. Roofs lifted from their structures wooden beams scattered across yards. We learning how to consider a lot of moisture is he Andy strongest ideal one to three inches and that flash flood watch is that stretched from parts of Virginia up through Maine. Those are in place mostly for the storms later this afternoon and through the evening hours of drive time. You could see damaging wind anywhere from Albany there a back to places an even North Carolina but certainly into Virginia. Robin as if that’s not enough we’ve got tropical storms and attract those coming up in just a couple of months all right they’re ginger thank you.

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{“id”:48128106,”title”:”Severe weather affects millions across the US”,”duration”:”1:19″,”description”:”ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee tracks the latest weather across…

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