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Sen. Rand Paul on health care bill: ‘We never ran on a replacement of Obamacare Lite’ Video

Transcript for Sen. Rand Paul on health care bill: ‘We never ran on a replacement of Obamacare Lite’

that whatsoever. Thank you for clearing that up. Thank you for joining us today. Thank you. We’re joined by senator Rand Paul. You heard Dr. Price — Good morning. Good morning. You heard Dr. Price. He said the plan you propose will put vulnerable people at risk. I think it’s sort of the opposite. The program they’re putting forward, Obamacare light, they’re keeping half of what Obamacare presented. They’re not going to fix the fundamental problem. It’s the insurance mandates. When you mandate what has to be insurance, it elevates the price. When you tell people they can buy insurance after they are sick, they will. You get adverse selection. It will continue turned the Paul Ryan plan. And, my fear is that a year from now, people will come back, we’ll have all the same arguments again. You heard Dr. Price. He said it’s not fair to look at the Ryan planks as you just called it, in isolation. You have to look at everything the administration is proposing. The problem is, we, as conservatives, ran on repeal of Obamacare. I was elected in 2010, right after it came into place, to repeal it. We never ran on replacement of Obamacare light. Of making the entitlement subsidies permanent. Keeping the taxes. Keeping the medicaid expansion. They’re flat-out false in telling us you ran on this plan. None of us did. We ran on repealing Obamacare because it doesn’t work. They’re going to repeal part of it and leave in place all of the stuff that causes your insurance rates to go through the roof. We have a plan, a replacement plan we would like to talk about at the same time that instead of subsidizing people’s health care, actually forces prices down. Forces the insurance companies to come to the table. Under my plan, 37 million people who belong to aarp would be able to negotiate and buy a group policy of insurance. That would drive prices down, particularly for people…

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