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Responding Is Always Better Than Reacting

A day consists of 24 hours which we hardly find enough to do our work. Earlier we managed our every work within that time frame. Now the time is less and the work is more. Everyone is busy working just to compete in this world for better payment. After such payment we are still insecure. We blame it on the rising cost of living but the thing is that it is on us how we respond and not react to situation like this.

It’s always said that one should respond and not react to such situation. It’s our response which makes us better than the people who react. I recently received a mail from one of my colleague which illustrated an incident. A guy sitting in a restaurant noticed a woman screaming on top her voice because there was a cockroach on her dress. Finally after much shouting and desperate attempt she managed to drop the cockroach from her dress to other woman standing beside her. The other woman continued the same till she threw the same on top of a waiter. The waiter didn’t react but still stood and took the cockroach in his hand and threw it away in a waste bin. The difference between those women and waiter was the women reacted and the waiter responded.

The reason I brought up this illustration was because there are certain companies who react to certain situations instead of responding. Of the few companies which respond to changes are bound to capture the market well than those who react to such situations. Panoramic Universal Limited is one such company who always respond to changes in the market instead of reacting. The company was only in to hospitality sector for majority of the years. The year after IT revolution they responded by entering in to the IT sector by acquiring IT Microsystems. Now, Panoramic Universal Limited develops many software solutions for clients based in UK, USA and Middle East Asia. Due to this response company now earns huge revenue from these two sectors. Have the company just reacted by shouting about such revolution it…

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