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Politics is acquisition management & distribution of power

 ‘Politics is acquisition, management & distribution of power’, this is what I learned in my International Relations class in University. But, how to acquire and manage power?

I will take a look at this question with the help of 8 different terms that have been defined on CNN website in ‘eight things for future leaders’.

We all know politics is acquiring power (as I have already mentioned it above). However, after acquiring power one has to manage it, and mind you, managing is hard in a world full of conspirators and blamers.

  1. Learn to observe from balcony:

When you have acquired power, you automatically become a leader. Now a leader needs to have a clear observation or an eagle eye view about the prospects that he is using. Because in a problem and scenario where one cannot judge a leader need to take a few steps back so that he can judge the problem and then get to its…

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