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Meet three women who make a difference in children’s lives – Orange County Register

For our annual Inspiring Moms issue, we decided to feature three local mothers who have something in common: They’ve all made it their mission to improve the lives of children.

Erica Austin helps teenage girls through the difficult years of growing up by teaching them mindfulness and serenity through her yoga nonprofit.

Neda Eaton runs the Irvine Public Schools Foundation, where she focuses on improving and expanding school programs for all kids in the Irvine Unified School District.

After being deeply saddened by the plight of refugee children, Gader Ibrahim founded Operation Refugee Child, a nonprofit that provides necessary items to children fleeing their troubled countries.

These three women recognized a need in their own communities and the world and took a leap to do something about it. They are, indeed, inspiring.

Erica Austin

Founder of nonprofits Keep Friendship Alive and Uplift Teen Yoga

Erica Austin sits with the shockingly good posture of a yogi on the expansive slope of grass leading to Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point. “I am not the quintessential yogi type,” she says, which becomes apparent when she consults her phone to carefully check that she’s covered everything regarding her newest venture.

This mixture of yogi chill and solid organizational grounding is also characteristic of that venture, UPLIFT Teen Yoga (upliftyoga.org). The nonprofit program offers eight-week camps for girls ages 13-15. They meet once a week for two-hour sessions, which include yoga, mindfulness, journaling, discussions and games and…

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