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Maytronics Puts Eco-Friendliness in Reach for 10.4 Million Pool Owners

300x More Effective—Activate adsorbs more fine particles, with up to 300 times the surface area of sand

The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals calls the U.S. home to 10.4 million residential swimming pools. Sustainable advances in water filtration and a partnership between Maytronics U.S.—makers of Dolphin robotic pool cleaners—and Dryden Aqua, Ltd., now make going green easier on their owners.

Dryden is Europe’s largest manufacturer of water filtration media. It’s Activated Filter Media® is labeled “the best” in the business by the U.K.’s Drinking Water Inspectorate and by Int’l. Filter Testing Services. Dryden’s proprietary AFM® products make drinking water safe for millions in Europe, Africa and Asia. In addition to public water supply, they are proven highly beneficial for use in swimming pools, aquaria and wastewater management programs.

Swimming Pool Filtration Re-imagined

To date, AFM® has replaced silica and sand in 200,000-plus swimming pool filtration systems worldwide. What’s more, Activate is packaged in carbon-neutral bags and is made of recycled material purified at 1,200 deg. Celsius.

Silica and sand-based cleaning systems require additional amounts of harsh chemicals like chlorine for pool water, which then negatively impact a pool lover’s experience in several ways. The least of which result in dry hair, skin and eyes—making them brittle and causing a red, stinging sensation.

Even more unpleasant than its odor in high doses, chlorine can increase asthma risk.

Maytronics U.S. takes pool water safety very seriously. In response, we have partnered with Dryden Aqua to introduce two revolutionary, user-friendly and eco-friendly pool water treatment solutions of lasting benefit to human beings…

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