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Man Versus Pests – The Preparation Guide

Man has defied nature the moment he created the first tools and charged forth to conquer his environment. Although man still wars against nature on every front, the most common battle most people engage in is with pests. Every home be it a flat, a house, a bungalow or a houseboat serves at one point or another as a war zone, where you as the home owner have to do everything within your power to overcome a formidable enemy in the face of pests. I may be a bit extreme in my description, but people have lost homes due to outbreaks, so you need handy tips on how to best fortify your home. 

What attracts pests better than anything is the proximity to food. Mind you that insects and rodents possess sensitive organs, which allow them to trace even breadcrumbs under the table. Ants and cockroaches know where you live by smell, so you should take your kitchen’s cleanliness not just as the status quo but as a vital precaution against an invasion. Once you see a pest roam freely in your home, you can rest assured dozens more remain in hiding. 

Unless you want to be pitted against an enemy that greatly outnumbers you, the first thing you should do is change your relationship with food. People take a great many liberties with how they eat. Sure, it’s cosy to eat in bed, on the couch, on the living room, up the stairs and on the toilet seat (thinking no one would know, but trust me, someone already knows) might be fun, but every breadcrumb activates the pests’ homing devices, making your home flare up brighter than a nuclear Christmas tree (pretty, no?). 

Start with the obvious – containing food. Left-overs go in the fridge as soon as the meal has reached its natural conclusion. Perishables have to be wrapped in tighter than the sensation you feel as you try out your skinny jeans. You have to make it hard for pests to sense food in your house, which means that under no circumstances should you dump food down the drain. Cockroaches see this as an invitation to crawl out…

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