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LOOP-LOC Discusses Six Ways to Keep Kids Safe Around a Swimming Pool

Safety pool cover and pool liner manufacturer, LOOP-LOC, discusses six ways to keep kids safe around a swimming pool.

When it comes to safeguarding children around a swimming pool and surrounding area, it is vital to rely on more than one method of protection. Have several layers of security in place—and be vigilant. Here are five important factors to consider when looking at children’s safety and well-being around the pool.

Arrange adult supervision. An adult should be with kids that are playing in, and around, a swimming pool at all times. Their only job should be paying complete attention to the children, with no distractions. Cell phone use, reading, napping, or doing outside chores are unacceptable.

Construct a fence. In addition to an adult’s watchful eye, putting up a fence around the pool is an important safeguarding measure. Install a self-closing, self-latching gate and make sure the fencing is four-sided and at least four feet high.

Establish clear rules. Establish, and enforce, pool use rules with children. Make sure they understand and review the rules often. No swimming without an adult present, no running in the pool area, no opening a latched gate, and no diving are excellent examples of rules children should follow.

Install an alarm. A pool alarm can alert a pool owner when a child is in or near the swimming pool. A perimeter alarm is activated when a child (or animal) penetrates the laser field around the pool area. A pressure-sensitive alarm, which sits on the edge of the pool, goes off when someone or something falls into the pool. A pressure wave causes this alarm to sound. Attach a gate alarm to the pool’s gate, and its magnetic field will sound an alarm when the field is breached. Children can also wear alarms around…

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