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List of Decorative Natural Stones

Have you seen giant buildings talking to the skies, these buildings are constructed through some resources that made them prosper among our modern construction designs. One of these resources is natural stones that are considered as the important construction materials inverted from minerals. In old times, people used natural stones for constructional decoration and for this they used to travel miles, collect stones and carve them according to requirements. After all, natural stones show their beauty as well as your inspiration through different colors and styles. Additionally, these stones are healthy to be seen and some other useful benefits can be obtained from these natural resources. Here are some natural stones that should be used for decorative housing!

Walkthroughs, gardens and swimming pools should be decorated with natural bluestones that are considered as prettiest to be used. You just need to find them according to your needs of size, shapes, colors and textures.

Cobblestones are mostly in irregular shape and found at garden-way, boundary walls, decorative fireplaces and aquariums’ bases. Cobblestone can’t be beaten by any other natural stones because it gives quite sophisticated look to your designs.

Dolomite is a carbonated mineral found in Italy made up of calcium magnesium carbonate. Dolomite used as a piece of decoration whether it has many others. Dolomites have many features and colors that made it more beautiful among others. Dolomites are usually seen as countertops, garden tiles, furnace linings and refractory bricks.

Flagstone is oldest stones on this planet that are being used for making strong and beautiful building structures. Flagstones are flat shaped stones that are considered as useful for many building purposes like walkways, boundary walls, flooring and roofing.

Granites are common stones seen everywhere at buildings and sceneries. Artists have great minds to carve these stones up to your inspirations and feelings. Granite usually obtains from igenous rock where it is in irregular shape and has coarse-grain texture. Granites found in many colors like black, red, maroon, cyan and green and originated from India, China, New Zealand, France etc. Granite can be used as countertops, boundary tiles, garden decorations, aquarium decorations, kitchen slabs and swimming pools.

Limestone is one of the beautiful mineral stones which can be found at many locations of the world. Limestone has this name because of lime texture and color. It is lime to white imaged and usually comes from sedimentary rocks. Limestone has different applications like paint raw materials, protectants for road surface and building materials.

Marbles is trendy looked stone for your house or office because it has the nature power of attraction. Marble is so much famous because of its usage in ancient buildings like Taj Mahal, Masjid-e-Nabwi and Forts across the globe. Marbles originated from…

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