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Limitless VR Creative Environment Interactive Character Technology Now Available Inside High Fidelity’s VR World Creation Platform

VR character that responds to human input that was created using the Limitless VR Creative Environment for High Fidelity users to use in their High Fidelity worlds.

VR worlds are made more alive and believable by emotional connections to characters within them.” said Philip Rosedale, CEO at High Fidelity.

Limitless, Ltd., the leading provider of interactive character technology for virtual reality content, today announced a technology partnership with High Fidelity, a 3D virtual world creation platform founded by the creator of Second Life, Philip Rosedale. Under the agreement, Limitless will integrate its interactive character technology, part of the Limitless VR Creative Environment used to create the interactive VR short film “Gary the Gull,” into the High Fidelity platform. This will enable users of High Fidelity’s open source software toolset, which allows anyone to create, host, explore and interconnect shared VR environments, to create their own interactive characters.

“We continue to believe that you don’t need to be an AI expert in order to create interactive characters in VR,” said Limitless CEO and Founder Tom Sanocki. “High Fidelity’s users are generally pro-sumers with basic technical knowledge, and range from educators to enthusiasts to professional animators. Our integration within High Fidelity further validates that our storyteller-first approach to interactive characters is ready for widespread adoption.”

Limitless will provide a special High Fidelity interactive character as a tutorial and an example to new users. The Egyptian-themed character will ask the user riddles when approached, and users will be able to modify it, learn from it, and use it to make their own character. Just like in “Gary the Gull,” these characters will respond to voice, gestures, and other human social cues.

“VR worlds are made more alive and believable by emotional connections to characters within them.” said Philip Rosedale, CEO at High Fidelity. “We want to give people the ability to easily create interactive characters, getting as close as possible to the magical experience of having other living people in the space with you.”

The Limitless platform is the only interactive character solution that is usable by the average person. Until now, AI-driven platforms required advanced engineering knowledge. We can’t wait to see what content developers create using this innovative NPC character technology.”

In October, Limitless announced a new cloud-based animation toolset as part of its platform, which allows rapid prototyping of animated VR content inside a virtual reality world. That technology, which is currently in trials by leading film and animation studios, is another example of the importance of…

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