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‘Law and Vengeance’ Takes Readers on a Gripping, Exciting Journey –

A book that follows a female trial lawyer through one of her toughest cases yet

‘Law and Vengeance’ A Book about murder and revenge

I have been lucky to read a good amount of thrillers lately. Most of them have been pretty good. When I heard about Law and Vengeance I was looking forward to reading it. It definitely surprised me in some ways. I was able to get a review copy and here is what I thought of this book.

You can read the plot for Law and Vengeance here:

Gina Romano is a highly successful trial lawyer with Bergman/Deketomis, a firm dedicated to protecting the public by exposing and penalizing corporate crooks and their allies in government. Well into her thirties, Gina hasn’t overcome the anger and defensiveness resulting from a bizarre and traumatic childhood. As she contemplates whether to marry solid, attractive and loyal veterinarian Bryan Penn or to send him packing, the murder of a friend and mentor, Angus Moore, turns her life into a quest for vengeance. In consort with partner Nick Deketomis, Gina runs headlong into a life and death struggle against weapons manufacturers, a gun rights lobbyist, psychopathic Chicago police, a hi-tech genius assassin, and the U.S. Department of Justice. Still, the most formidable and dangerous enemy she faces is herself.

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I really enjoyed reading Law and Vengeance. The first few chapters were a bit confusing, but made sense as the narrative unfolds. This was a book full of surprises. There is murder, deception and all kinds of crazy things happen that readers won’t see coming. The ending did a good job bringing this tale to a close. It was definitely one of the better thrillers I have read in a good while. If you want to learn more about Law and Vengeance click on this website.

Law and Vengeance comes out September 26th. You can pre-order this book on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and on Indie Bound.

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