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Laser eye correction surgery – magical change in your faulty vision

Laser surgery or Lasik surgery is also called in-situ keratomileusis, is one of the most popular surgery conducted to correct vision in people who may be either farsighted, nearsighted or may have astigmatism.

The vision correction surgeries means reshaping the cornea, and the clear front part of the eye, so that the light that travels through is well focussed on to the retina which is located at the back of the eye. Laser eye surgery follows many different types of surgical techniques which are used to reshape the cornea.

Laser eye surgery has many advantages which can be enumerated as

a)  It corrects the vision which is a boon by itself. The success rate is 90%. Most of the patients get their desired vision back after a lasik eye surgery. Any enhancement made thereafter would increase this number.

b)  Laser correction eye surgery does not cause much pain

c)  The biggest advantage is that the Lasik corrects your vision the very next day or the day after the Laser eye surgery is done.

d)  Laser eye surgery is so wonderfully done that one does not require either stitches or bandages.

e)  One can have the laser eye surgery procedure done even after many years if the vision requires further correction

f)  The patients do not need eye glass or contact lenses after the Laser eye surgery is done at the Laser eye surgery centre. Thus the dependence on them is drastically reduced.

Laser eye surgery has certain disadvantages which cannot be ruled out, they are

a)  Once the laser eye surgery is done and the changes made to the cornea, it cannot be reversed

b)  Laser eye surgery is a delicate and a complex surgery thus problems may occur when the laser surgeon cuts the flap and thus the vision can be permanently hampered.

c)  Laser eye surgery or lasik surgery can rarly cause a loss of the best vision. This best vision can be defined as what best you can see when you wear glasses or lenses.

There are certain side effects of the laser eye correction surgery. The patients may…

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