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Immunity is Very Important for our Body

Our body is made up of various kinds of organs, all the organ combines and make up into various organ systems. All these organ systems work in proper coordination so that the body mechanism can work properly.  All the organ system is equally important for us but one which is the most important is immunity system. Immunity system is one of the most important organ systems of our body. Immunity system provides us with immunity to fight against all sorts of diseases, virus, bacteria and germs.

Immunity helps us to fight against the foreign particles which can affect our healthy body and fit physic. It is really very important to have a proper immunity because without proper immunity our body cannot be healthy and fit. It is always suggested to have a healthy immunity system because if you will have a poor immunity then you will fall sick frequently. Your frequency towards illness and ailment will increase.
It is important that you develop proper immunity at a small age otherwise you will be prone to sickness as well as won’t be able to have a proper healthy growth. If you don’t have proper immunity level then the problem doesn’t ends here because you may even become allergic. Having allergy is one of the troubles faced by people having poor immunity. If you get rashes and pimples and red skin by using hot water or by using something or by eating something means you are allergic. Some other common affect of allergy is sneezing, coughing, short of breathe by coming in contact with some foreign particles; running nose and red eye, watering eyes are also some of the bad affects of allergy and poor immunity system.
If the allergy is not cured on right time then there are increases in chances of having asthma. Many people become so allergic to dust particles and other foreign material that they get an asthmatic attack. This is very common and the reason is that you will start having shortening of breathe as well as you may have tightening of chest muscles…

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