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How to use your Android device as a desktop PC – Komando

Your Android gadget is an amazing piece of technology. Think about everything these handy devices are capable of.

Many of the newer smartphones have great cameras built-in, so you’re able to take professional quality pictures. On top of that, you can make transactions with your financial institutions and store files with your important documents. The possibilities are endless.

With all of the amazing apps available, you can do pretty much anything with your gadget that you can do with a desktop PC. In fact, why not use your Android phone as your PC?

Now, there is a way to make that dream a reality that you need to know about.

How to use your Android gadget as a PC

The evolution of smartphones has been fast and furious. Their processors are faster and more powerful than ever before. Storage size has increased, and with Android, you can have even more when you install a memory…

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