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How to recover lost MS Office password safely

Microsoft Office, a suite of office software developed by Microsoft, is not strange for us. As long as you are a computer user, you’ll involve in Office documents, such as Word processor, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation or Publisher. The MS Office is widely used in various industries all over the world.


Just because of the popularity of MS Office and even a computer novice can control the whole process well, which marks we should attach much security and privacy awareness to them. So in order to protect our MS Office document, we should set a password on it, which will prevent Illegal users from opening or editing the individual privacy data.


With so flexible and complex the password, you really can protect your Office document, but sometimes the problem probably comes that if you forgot MS Office password you have set. Especially when it’s time for you presentation work or for an important school project. Unfortunately Microsoft Office itself can’t help you recover your password. This can be a stressful situation, so it must be a very difficult situation. 


To solve such tragic situation, a plenty of technicians have been devoting their energy to MS Office Password Recovery solution since Version of MS Office 97 released by Microsoft. However, it is extremely hard to settle such a tough situation, because the computer users are more and more incline to set the complicated passwords mixed with numbers, characters and specific symbols. So, it will cost must much time to recover a lost MS Office password.


Fortunately, the third party software can give you a hand, these kinds of software supply three kinds of attack solutions, there are brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attack and dictionary attack. Here just a few steps to recover your MS Office password and use your important documents. Simply deep breathe and try a few of the following ways to recover your password.


  •  Choose three methods of recovering your lost password. Use Brute Force Attack , brute-force with mask attack or Dictionary Attack to crack passwords in Microsoft Office. Dictionary Attack is a commonly used program, while Brute Force Attack tracks complicated passwords with numbers and connotations. We recommend you to choose brute-force with mask attack which can restrict the search scopes.
  •  Decide on a password-recovery tool. Examples of programs include Elcomsoft, Rixler and Office password recovery 5.0. Some of these programs are available to you for little to no cost. They recover passwords not only from Microsoft Office but from other types of programs. But I recommend you use Office password recovery 5.0, because of its all-in-one password recovery solution for recovering all types of lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Personal Storage Files (*.pst file).
  •  Download the password-recovery program of your choice. Follow…

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