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How Linux Web Hosting Has Become The Predominant One?

When looking for web hosting companies, you are sure to come across either Windows or Linux sever hosting services. And it is always the case that the Linux hosting platform is much cheaper than Windows. This is so simply because Linux is free to use “open source” program created by Linus Torvalds. He created the free to use Linux kernel for all. However, he was succeeded by thousands of developers and programmers contributing their own ideas to the original product. Thus, Linux kept on improving through the good will of service and the web hosting companies found it more useful.

The reasons for dedicated following of Linux

Linux gets dedicated followers not only because it is free to use. The reasons are:

  • People using UNIX were looking for a platform to run it on hardware similar to a PC.
  • People looking to experiment with the principles of operating system.
  • People on the lookout for enhanced comfort over their operating systems.
  • People who grudge the monopolistic tendencies of Microsoft.

Whatever be the advantages of using Linux operating system, there is no denying that people find it a little more difficult to learn it compared to Windows. However, over a period of time, it gives enhanced flexibility, control and better options for configuration. As web hosting companies streamline their capabilities with the help of huge datacenters for powering your website, it has only helped in reducing the cost of operation for Linux even further.

The centralized dashboard offered by them is a tribute to their engineering capabilities. With the help of cPanel for directing your shared, dedicated or reseller hosting, you can get the most out of the Linux hosting package. The customers enjoy the benefit of the complete power and scalability of Linux platform and the best part is that the complications caused by Linux being an open source platform are resolved. As Linux is available for free, web hosting end up lowering their costs for the end users even though their…

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