How does Etoro work?

How does Etoro work? How to use Etoro? These are the first questions that newcomers ask themselves to start using social trading platforms. Perhaps after seeing the article they will be sure to go through with it. With this link you will get the pure idea of choosing Etoro binary trading option, detailed review on this broker that includes opinions, experiences, opinions and comments on one of the most important platforms for online Trading Forex & CFD social Trading.For those who do online trading the platform is probably among the best known.

Why you should choose Etoro?

The diffusion of Etoro is so extensive that you can talk about Etoro phenomenon. In fact as also emerges from this review this broker was the standard bearer of a particular and new way of doing online trading.There are very few trading brokers that can be classified into the list of the best Forex brokers. Nowadays there are more and more brokers offering the same trading services, and being able to show off is increasingly difficult for a broker. In the particular case of Etoro the mass of other brokers is a really easy thanks to the concept of social trading that the Etoro trading platform has introduced in online trading. Thanks to social trading even less experienced traders can operate like real professionals following the operations carried out by traders with more experience of them. This possibility has often been misinterpreted especially by beginners.

How to use Etoro?

The Copy function Trader Etoro not result in the ability to click a button and wait for others to monetize due to trading strategies. This approach is completely wrong and has been translated as often into serious losses. The Etoro copy trading is not a game also because if the gain was really automatic it would not explain why everyone did not activate this feature making profits with the choices of others. A real turning point for Etoro was having 1.5 million customers in 2010 to having well over 3 million customers in 2013.In 2015 the number of users increased further reaching 4.5 million.

Conclusion: Trading Social Etoro

Not only have the customers increased but also the investment funds that have decided to invest in the Etoro Company until 2013 it had managed to raise over 31 million dollars between different investment funds.Thanks to the success that the platform was having at a global level Etoro managed to obtain a loan of another 27 million dollars only in 2014.Etoro is one of the most modern and advanced trading facilities perfectly in place in various financial markets. Thanks to the Etoro trading platform traders can trade with different assets and exploiting the Forex market or CFD contracts.

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