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He Showed Up Dressed as Reba McEntire. That Seemed to Work.

Mr. Moeller, the director of creative services at Ralph Lauren, and Mr. Summers, who works as visual events manager at David Yurman, met at a party in Brooklyn about a month before Mr. Summers seemed poised to break into a twangy rendition of “Consider Me Gone” at his front door.

Mr. Summers made the first move. “I was making eyes at Michael across the bar, and Michael averted his eyes,” he said. But Mr. Summers, a boyishly handsome Texan, was not easily discouraged: “I came up to him and asked him if I could buy him a drink.”


Mr. Moeller and Mr. Summers’s dog, Sadie, in attendance.

Jessica Lehrman for The New York Times

“Why?” Mr. Moeller responded.

That “why” represented a wariness that had built up over the last few years from a series of one-off dates and a few long-term, but ultimately unsatisfying, relationships.

“You know, I had just turned 30, and I had spent all of my 20s in New York working in different jobs and living in different places with roommates,” said Mr. Moeller, who grew up in a large family in Westtown, N.Y. But now, “I had a good job and was in my own apartment, without roommates, and I was really happy with myself,” he said. “I was done trying so hard at dating. I wanted to do things my way.”

Still, the drink, a perfect manhattan, was accepted, and the two talked about their shared interest in design. Before Mr. Summers started his job at David Yurman in 2015, he had worked as an assistant buyer at Gucci and an account executive at Tom Ford.


Mr. Moeller and Mr. Summers sharing a kiss.

Jessica Lehrman for The New York Times

Mr. Moeller and Mr. Summers eventually left the party together, and they agreed to meet for…

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