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H-1B and Related Guest Worker Visa Reform – Economic Populist

Last night’s blog post was titled, “You Can’t Fix It If You Don’t Understand It,” in which I showed that the industry lobbyists are so deft at presenting a misleading view of the H-1B work visa, and policymakers and worker advocates are so uninformed, that effective reform is impossible.  In response, one reader suggested that I write a blog post showing, in one convenient document, what needs to be done. Good idea.

Before I begin, please note that I will use the term “H-1B” to include not only that visa program, but also L-1, OPT, employer-sponsored green cards, and so on.  Also, the term “American/U.S.” refers to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.  The “Infosyses” are firms that hire H-1Bs and rent them out to other companies, while the “Intels” means firms that hire H-1Bs directly, which is a very wide range, including such firms as the Bay Area…

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