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Girls AAU Basketball Summer Camps in the Bay Area

There are many reasons that girls should participate in a summertime activity. It keeps them moving, learning, and meeting new friends. It can improve their self-esteem, challenge them, make them think outside of the box, teach them goal setting, and allow them to have a lot of fun. For California residents there are many options when it comes to Summer Camps in the Bay Area. One option is Girls AAU Basketball camp. The camp can help the individuals improve their b-ball skills like, free throws, lay-ups, three-point shots, dribbling, passing, etc. B-Ball Summer Camps in the Bay not only help with the skills of playing the game but overall conditioning as well. The campers become faster, stronger, more flexible, and more confident and these characteristics positively impact the way they play this sport. It may be assumed that while participating in a Girls AAU Basketball camp the players are only being benefited by learning sports skills. The truth of the matter is that the lessons learned can also have a positive effect off the court. Building one’s self esteem, leadership skills, ability to work with others, willingness to take on new challenges, endurance, and motivation can trickle into other walks of life and shine some positive light.

Unfortunately many teenage females stop playing the games they love around the time of adolescence. Whether the activity be ballet, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, or some other game, a large percentage of teenage females drop out around this age. Because this time of life is one of many changes, it can be difficult to maintain the same schedule as one did before. They become very conscious of the way their body looks in a uniform, or while partaking in the activity. They may start to compare their body to others and worry that their parts are too big, too small, to round, to flat, etc. another reason that many females drop out of activities around the teen years is due to their friends. One reason is that their friends do not…

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