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Following The Gucci-Striped Road To Fashion Oz – The Business of Fashion

MILAN, Italy — Phantasmagoria is one of the most glorious words in the English language. But it’s not been a fashion word — like iconic, classic and effortless are fashion words — until now, when it cropped up —where else? — in the press notes for Alessandro Michele’s new collection for Gucci.

Because how else could you describe a show that was truly like something viewed through the veils of a dream? The room was thick with a red mist, which drained colour but heightened sensation. The walls quivered with mirrored gold tiles. A Machine-less Florence intoned William Blake poetry on the portentous soundtrack. And the catwalk carpet was like a yellow brick road, except one that was woven from Gucci stripes.

Yellow brick roads lead not only to Oz but to Elton. Backstage, Michele had a lot to say about the superstar’s presence in the…

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