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Fleet GPS for Limousine Companies

Limousine companies most definitely realize the importance of technology.  Fleet based businesses that have several to hundreds of vehicles in daily operation need to be able to effectively manage and oversee all aspects of driver performance.

The Fleet GPS Program integrated with Smart Risk offers training with interactive courses available 24/7 for the most comprehensible online safety training library. The GPS monitoring provides the latest technology for a fleet management tool which will optimize fuel usage and improve overall productivity. This is backed by easy to read reports that provide analysis and documentation created from a centralized data base using time saving features for future optimization.

 In order for fleet managers to make operating their fleet as efficient and profitable as possible, there needs to be a system in place that can be manageable. Too often, software programs overwhelm supervisors and important information that needs immediate attention may get overlooked. All vehicles in a fleet have drivers that will make operational decisions at a moment’s notice. Driver’s Alert fleet GPS integrated with Smart Risk enables fleet managers to be proactive about a decision that may potentially result in an accident.

Safety is a priority when it comes to fleet management and Smart Risk is an effective tool to provide supervisors the ammo needed to intervene quickly to address unsafe driving situations to prevent an at risk driver from being involved in an accident, thus reducing company liability for their vehicle fleet. The system allows the fleet manager to oversee and modify employee behavior with regard to speeding, seatbelt use and after hour usage. It also increases driver awareness by establishing more accountability for instant actions with analysis and data of real time instances.

Limousine  companies that utilize Driver’s Alert’s Fleet GPS Integrated Solutions with Smart Risk safety management systems will effectively increase…

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