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Ease of Use and Creativity: All this and more with Joomla Frameworks!

Millions! Yes! You read it right! There are multi-millions of Joomla websites out there. And to continually pump up these sites with brand new features, the community keeps evolving and reinventing the CMS in order to keep pace with the changing times. For beginners, the community offers innumerable ways which aid them in getting acquainted with the platform. And Joomla frameworks can be understood to be a part of this initiative itself.

Framework is nothing more than a base template which includes a collection of lines and grids. Everything else in it is empty. This allows developers in a Joomla development company to develop anything they like- adding gradients, colors, borders etc. They give developers a chance to experience customization at its best! Enlisted are some reasons which make frameworks so famous amongst programmers. Have a look.

Malleable Layout: While working on a framework, a developer is provided with only grids, dimensions and rules. Beyond this, the developer has all the freedom to rely on his creativity and incorporate the design elements he likes. Moreover, he can determine the positioning modules in a manner that renders a cleaner and crisper layout. Freedom of customization is one of the biggest reasons which prompt Joomla developers to opt for frameworks.

Loading is no sweat: Frameworks proffer fast and easy design testing which is why most programmers prefer taking them into use for development and testing purposes. Working under tight deadlines, developers don’t have any time to wait for a page to load and thus, fast loading frameworks undeniably prove to be a boon. Customized web pages load quickly, further simplifying the code testing process.

Developer-Friendly: All the Joomla frameworks available in the market today have one thing in common- they are easy to learn and comprehend. A framework is like a canvas which developers can fill in with the hues of their development skills. Any programmer with a basic knowledge of CSS can…

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