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Discrimination on a large scale

Recently world’s public has been holding its breath following scandalous Walmart job discrimination. This class action lawsuit against a large corporation became reason for numerous comments on many websites and forums. This kind of work discrimination was discussed in the hottest news. 

It all started 13 years ago when Betty Dukes who was an ordinary shop assistant in a small Walmart store came to work from her lunch break and got reproved by her manager. It wouldn’t be a big deal if everything was fair. The thing is that Betty’s male colleagues were late all the time, and were not even made a single reprimand. Moreover, Betty noticed that men got all the good things: salary rise, promotion, discipline indulgences. That was the very moment when woman decided to fight for her rights and applied to a lawyer. He found women from Walmart in other cities who had the same complaints. Thus there appeared a perfect seven of female plaintiffs who challenge one of the largest chains of retail stores. And then began one of the most scandalous trials in the American history. 

During 13 years women achieved great success: courts of four stages satisfied their claim (please, note that 7 women dared to speak on behalf of 1,6 million other ladies who had been working in Walmart since 1998). But Walmart also wasn’t going to capitulate. The company hired experienced lawyers who were trying to prove that class action was illegal. Lawyers demanded separate trials for every lady so that the court could view every single case of discrimination if present.

Every year American courts get class action suits from women who became victims of gender discrimination. In most cases this appears to be job discrimination as women are not viewed as descent workers in comparison to men.  

According to the “Forbes” Walmart’s income during 2010 was $408 billion, so no wonder this case drew a wide response. The price of question whether women’s suit would be satisfied was…

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