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DIG-IT! Games® Announces Excavate!™ Mesopotamia Education Game

Ancient Mesopotamia

DIG-IT! Games, a mission-based, boutique developer of award-winning social studies learning products announces their EXCAVATE!™ Mesopotamia game. Available today online and soon in the Google Play store, this game is designed by archaeologist and teacher Suzi Wilczynski, to take kids on archaeological adventures through time and around the world, that are both entertaining and educational.

Using the scientific process of excavation, players uncover real artifacts from Mesopotamia. They explore the Tigris and Euphrates river valley in the lands of Iraq with the bonus site of Persepolis in Iran. Players are exposed to concepts such as stratigraphy, context and the importance of proper recording. Analysis then takes center stage as players learn about the significance of the artifacts they collect and the processes involved in gaining a deeper understanding of the ancient Mesopotamia people through material culture.

“Learning about ancient cultures through games is a new way to bring world history and culture to children and adults,” says Wilczynski. “We believe it can improve cultural awareness across generations worldwide while leading to a greater appreciation for the value of artifacts.”

DIG-IT! Games planned this project following our sponsorship of the American Institute of America Championing Cultural Heritage Dinner in Washington on October 13th. “We are committed to being a leader in bringing history, archaeology and culture to games. Recent destruction of important artifacts from Mesopotamia has made this effort increasingly important,” says Wilczynski. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) described the destruction of Nimrud by ISIS, as a “war crime.” Nimrud is one of the featured sites in the game.

The Excavate series of games are designed for grades 3-7 and correlate to Common Core Standards. They are supported on most recent browsers and therefore suitable for delivery on most educational hardware. Excavate Mesopotamia is available immediately at the Dig-it! Games website store as a subscription license. Bulk purchase discounts are available. Learn more about how this game can be included in your ancient civilization lesson plans by joining our teacher network where you can review the game for free in the next 30 days. Media copies are available to the press and educational bloggers for game reviews.

Our continuing series of world history games for educators and the curious game player will soon include ancient Greece, China and Mali.. The series is also being upgraded and developed to support the Apple and Google Play stores.

About DIG-IT! Games: Dig-It! Games is an award-winning, mission-based game development studio dedicated to…

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