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Did NFL injuries drive Aaron Hernandez to suicide?

Injuries from Aaron Hernandez’s football days may have contributed to his unexpected suicide, his family believes.

Now they are considering donating the former New England Patriot’s brain to the team researching the effect of NFL concussions, DailyMail.com has learned exclusively.

‘If he killed himself, it is the only explanation,’ a source close to the Hernandez family said.

The source said the family is ‘seriously considering’ donating Hernandez’s brain to see if injuries could have affected his thinking.

Family suspects brain damage from his football career was a contributing factor to his death – and violent behavior – as autopsy set to be performed

Aaron Hernandez’s lawyer Jose Baez (above with him at his trial in February) cast doubt over his suicide on Wednesday and announced his family’s plan to launch an investigation into it 

Now, a high-profile fight over Aaron Hernandez’s brain has broken out between the ex football player’s family and Boston’s top medical officer.

As DailyMail.com reported exclusively,  the family wants to donate his brain to the team leading research into how football injuries affect behavior.

But the Boston Medical Examiner’s office is holding on to the brain — despite releasing the rest of the convicted murderer’s body to his family following an autopsy.

Efforts to donate the brain to the Boston University team looking into chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) are being stymied, the Hernandez family’s lawyer Jose Baez told reporters after the Mail’s exclusive report.

Baez believes Hernandez may have been suffering from CTE caused by head injuries received during his football days.

‘We made arrangements for the Boston University CTE unit to take possession of Aaron’s brain,’ Baez said in a hastily convened press conference on the sidewalk outside the medical examiner’s office.

‘It was completely agreed upon,’ he added, saying a team from the university was due to remove the brain at 10 am on Thursday.

Jose Baez (left) and Ronald Sullivan lawyers for the family of Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez leave the Watertown, MA funeral home where the body of of Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez was taken

Baez lashed out at medical examiner’s office for not releasing Hernandez’s brain for study at Boston University.  . Lawyers for Hernandezs’ family say that the state is not releasing the brain to the family, who wants to donate Hernandez’s brain for research into sports related brain injury

Hernandez’s body was held at the Faggas Funeral Home 

But then the medical examiner, Dr. Henry Nields, told Baez’s team that it wanted to conduct the tests itself to determine whether Hernandez was suffering, he said.

Baez said he does not believe the Nields’s team has enough expertise to…

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