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Could my cat have worms?

Sylvester’s mom called in a panic. Her adorable black and white kitten had some strange-looking material stuck in the hair under his tail. She described it as some hard, light tan granules. When we asked her if the pieces looked like sesame seeds, she responded, “Yes.” She was a new cat owner and this was her first experience observing tapeworm segments.

We advised her not to worry, that what she was describing sounded like dried tapeworm segments and there were a couple of very safe and effective products with which to treat Sylvester. She was surprised to find out that even though her kitten had been treated for worms before she got him, he had worms. Sylvester was an indoor kitten and ate a regular premium diet.

Sylvester had been adopted through a rescue group, and he had been exposed to fleas prior to going to his new home. Although he had been treated for…

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