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Chef Adrianne’s celebrates 10 years of blood, sweat, and tears in culinary milestone

Make It Count

“I probably had a million reasons NOT to risk pretty much everything I had at the time,” said Calvo.

What has become an improbable 10-year journey, one that’s thrust Chef Adrianne Calvo towards culinary acclaim, began with some impulse Googling and a visit to a nondescript miniature strip mall.

In the Spring 2007, curiosity led Adrianne, a distinguished alumnus of renowned Johnson and Wales University temporarily out of the culinary field, to scout out some potential restaurant locations in the enclave of the Hammocks in Miami’s West Kendall suburb. Physically and stylistically far removed from what conventional wisdom would dictate as a “hot spot” for a South Florida eatery—i.e. Coral Gables,Wynwood, Coconut Grove, or South Beach – the location was nevertheless close to home, and just as important, financially feasible.

It was an unlikely setting for what anyone but Adrianne would have considered an equally unlikely business venture. She received plenty of well-intentioned warnings about how the overwhelming majority of restaurants shuttered in five years or less, and how starting up any business was a recipe for indentured servitude. Oh, and becoming the female proprietor of an eating establishment at the precocious age of 23? Pure, unadulterated crazy talk.

Flash forward to April 2017, and all of the apprehension that many around Adrianne felt – but that never permeated her own confidence – turned out to be pleasantly unfounded. Chef Adrianne’s has defied the odds to not only thrive for a decade, but become one of Miami’s most coveted locales for partaking in what should be the hallmark of any successful restaurant- tantalizing food.

Adrianne officially took the entrepreneurial plunge 10 years ago this April 28th with the belief that “Maximum Flavor” and unmistakable quality would make the trek south for many of her patrons thoroughly worthwhile. Having surveyed the South Florida restaurant landscape at that time, she had discovered one of the area’s “dirty little secrets”: while Miami certainly offered an expansive food scene, it wasn’t necessarily teeming with eateries featuring dishes memorable enough to prompt consumers to drive long distances. There’s something to be said for proceeding confidently in the direction of one’s dreams. No matter what circumstances presented themselves once Chef Adrianne’s opened its doors — a 2008 nationwide recession that sent many businesses into free fall, a location far removed from the hub of fine dining, and a fickle city that is often merciless in embracing the trendy and discarding the rest – the establishment not only overcame, but also experienced year-to-year growth. In 2013, MIAMI Magazine and UrbanSpoon…

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