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Carol Salmon Celebrates Family Ties, Tradition, Duty in Memoir

We learn from the past, live in the present, and—even though it is unknown—do our best to prepare for the future.

Carol Salmon marks her debut in the publishing scene with a poignant and heartwarming memoir celebrating the remarkable journey of a North Dakota family and their unique experiences that shaped the character of generations that followed them. Insightful and enthralling, “My Parents’ Values” (published by iUniverse) paints an intimate portrait of life lived in the early 1900s and reflects essential family values that have stood the test of time.

My Parents’ Values” is a narrative about the lives of the author’s parents, Ethel Bendix Annear and Wilbur Annear. Salmon has created a vivid fictionalized account that begins in 1907, when her mother was born in Illinois. It charts Ethel’s experiences as she lives in North Dakota and forms a lifelong bond with her cousin, Hazel, who later pens a memoir, “Along Paupay Creek,” which Salmon uses to compose her story, along with Ethel’s diaries and letters.

The story follows the courtship and marriage of Ethel and Wilbur, the building of their cabin by Wilbur and his brothers, and the birth of the author in 1938. While raising her family, Ethel teaches in a one-room school. Everyone shares in the work and responsibilities living on a farm entails, from checking on grazing cattle to feeding hired hands, separating milk, and tending a garden. The chronicling continues until the birth of the fourth generation of Salmon’s family, with the values that shape the family intact and imbued.

“I wanted people to benefit from learning about my parents. Reading about the life and values of my parents allows them to know them as I did. Reading this book will take them…

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