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Blommer Expands Capacity & Introduces Founder’s Reserve

Blommer Chocolate Company, the largest cocoa processor and chocolate manufacturer in North America, today announced several capacity additions to continue to support the growth of its core business. Having recently completed over 30 million pounds of capacity additions, the company also announced plans for an additional 20 million pounds of planned capacity in the coming months. “We are excited to support the growth of our customers by investing in new products and capacity that allow us to continue to lead in the market,” says David Meggs, Vice President Sales & Marketing.

As part of this expansion, the company is also proud to introduce its new line of premium chocolate created for confectioners and chocolatiers. Founder’s Reserve chocolates are crafted with a nod toward European-style taste and mouth-feel. The company now offers these ultra-premium chocolates in response to increasing consumer demand in the high-end premium chocolate segment.

Founder’s Reserve chocolate is made with the highest quality ingredients and chocolatiers use it to create premium boxed chocolates, truffles and foil-wrapped novelties. Demand has increased for premium chocolate as consumers view fine chocolate as an affordable luxury. Premium and dark chocolate continue to be strong growth segments of the chocolate market in the United States, and as the largest cocoa processor in North America, Blommer can provide consistent quality and supply.

“As a third-generation, family-owned business, we created Founder’s Reserve as an honor to our original founders and our rich, family heritage,” said Steve Blommer, Vice President Business Development. “We are pleased to expand our offering of premium American chocolates with the Founder’s Reserve line and have heard extremely positive feedback on the products.”

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