Basic reasons for mistakes and problems for marketing automation

It is necessary to understand that in the course of creation of a notation any business tries to simplify whenever possible all business processes, “reducing” stages and actions which from his point of view – aren’t too important and can prevent understanding of a picture in general. It does the process which shall be clear to the consumer and specialists.

From the company, the notation is studied by the head of the business. On the one hand, he knows about the field of activity much more, than others. As the head, he sees a picture entirely, and also is inclined to simplification. That is true for Canada, USA or any other country. By the way there is a good option for a CRM in Canada on this website.

So the company executive who isn’t an expert in business simulation takes over its work and therefore without attentive joint studying of all details can’t precisely tell where simplifications are admissible and where not. Besides, the head of business also in most cases isn’t an expert in these or those processes which are taking place in the company. He can be a master of organization, but not the doctor.

Unfortunately, in the course of work on a business process
optimization as usually main objective work improvement (as it shall be), and first of all – expense reduction is not so much. The management of the company which addressed the specialist in a business process optimization aims to lower costs. And it practically always means – to reduce an established cost.

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