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A Bangkokian trading card game

Before the days of Pokemon Go (have you forgotten that was a thing?), there were the numerous Gameboy games and then there was the Pokemon trading card game. It was basically a simpler version of Magic: The Gathering without the complexity and the commitment. Being the nerds that we are, we here at Guru have decided to create Bangkok’s very own trading card game, complete with characters, spells, and items that are exclusively Bangkokian.


• It’s a two-player game. Separate the cards into two piles -• one for creature cards and the other for spell and item cards.

• Each player randomly draws three character cards and three spell or item cards.

• In each round, both players play one character card, putting it facedown at first, then revealing it on the count of three. Compare each character’s strength against the opposing character’s defence. If a creature’s strength exceeds defence of the other, it wins. Each player can play one item OR spell card which could possibly change the odds in their favor.

• Discard the cards that have been played to the side and repeat the process for two more rounds.

• The person who wins all or two out of three rounds wins. Duh.

Motosai Driver (creature)

• Blatant disregard of traffic laws and safety.
• Sidewalk Driving: Traffic is nonexistent due to this ability.
• Dirty Glances: Use against drivers who are actually following the law.

Taxi Driver (creature)

• Able to pick and choose passengers.
• Excuses (“Traffic”, “No more gas”, “I need to pee”)
• Hypocrisy: Protest against car share apps but put no effort into making their service or attitude any better.

• Crazy Auntie Cabbie: Endanger lives of passengers with reckless driving and brandishing knife. +1 strength.

Policeman (creature)

• Immediate win when played against Motosai or Taxi Driver unless the opposing player uses a Bribery card.

• Beer Belly: Can be used for one round. +2 defence.

Rich Kid (ultra rare legendary creature)

• Owns ridiculously expensive cars strictly for aesthetic and bragging purposes as they are of no use in Bangkok traffic.

• Immunity: Policeman immediately loses when this card is played.
• “Not Today”: This ability enables the player to avoid any form of consequence from any dangerous actions performed by this card, even if there’s been a case on him for five years and he’s avoided past hearings.

Bad Auntie (legendary creature)

• Asks you personal questions like “Why aren’t you married yet?”
• Cuts lines and doesn’t care.

Office Worker (creature)

• Able to eat dessert and snacks despite having had a full lunch.

Politician (legendary creature)

• Control of government
• Lots of money

• Definitely healthy due to Workout Wednesday. +2 strength.

Employee Card (item)

• When used with Office Worker, +2 strength due to added…

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