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A 9/11 Parable, Resurrected in Newfoundland

“It had some kind of surreal feel,” said Donald O’Brien, an air traffic controller here for 44 years.

On Saturday night, Mr. O’Brien saw one of the two benefit concert renditions of the show, featuring a cast that begins performances in Toronto on Nov. 15 and on Broadway on Feb. 18. (Proceeds went to local charities.) On Sunday morning, he gave performers a tour of the regional headquarters of NAV Canada, which manages air traffic over Canada, patiently explaining how the Gulf Stream and contemporary travel habits create the unceasing stream of planes that pass above this stormy island.

The actors were alternately antsy and giddy. “It’s not like, ‘Oh, I hope I hit that note,’ it’s ‘I hope I honor these people the way they deserve to be honored,” said Jenn Colella, who, like all of the performers, plays multiple…

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