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24-year-old Feline Poppy Named the World’s Oldest Living Cat 2014

A cat named Poppy was named the world’s oldest living cat Guinness World Records at the young age of 24 or 114 in human years on Monday (May 19, 2014). The feline was born in February 1990, the same month late South African president Nelson Mandela was released from prison. She has lived through five United States presidents as well as the creation of the internet.

Poppy is now blind and deaf. Due to her old age, she spends most of her day inside relaxing. However, she is still quite feisty and strong enough to walk stairs. In addition, the English kitty is said to be the boss of the house despite her frailty.

Poppy is now living with her owner Jacqui West, her husband and two sons in Bournemouth, England. The family isn’t sure exactly why she has hung on for so long. She eats canned cat food and her favorite treats are KFC, kebabs, fish and chips.

Poppy was recognised as the world’s oldest living cat by Guinness World Records at the age of 24 on Monday (May 19, 2014). She took over the title after the former champ, Pinky passed away last year. (Photo credit: SWNS)

Poppy was 24 years old or the equivalent of 114 in human years while the average indoor cat lived about 15 years. Her owner Jacqui West chalked up her longevity to a balanced diet and regular exercise. (Photo credit: SWNS)

The animal ate canned and dried food, with occasional fast-food treats, including KFC chicken, kebabs and fish and chips. (Photo credit: SWNS)

Poppy was adopted by Jacqui West and her mother when the moggy was 5 years old. (Photo credit: SWNS)

Poppy spent most of her time indoors due to her age but she was still quite feisty. If one of the other cats tried to eat her food, she would bite them on the ear. (Photo credit: Guinness World Records)

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