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Month: March 2017

Should You Move (Your Money) to Canada?

Some anxious Americans say they have at least considered the option of opening bank accounts in Canada, figuring that stashing some money outside of the country may provide peace of mind in uncertain times. So far, this does not seem to be playing out in a big way. Representatives of Canadian banks and credit unions […]

Where And When To Buy New Flavors

Harry Potter fans now have a new dessert to obsess over. Yuengling’s Ice Cream, known for its delicious, classic Pennsylvania-made frozen desserts, will debut two new flavors – and one of them will be Butterbeer. Yes, there is now an ice cream flavor inspired by the fictional, yet legendary, Harry Potter beverage.   The ice […]

Tips on how to Renounce Your own Poland Citizenship

In order to apply for the President’s authorization, make sure you prepare numerous documents just before your demand can be issued. Initially, you have to provide written paperworks proclaiming that you’re genuinely renouncing your Poland citizenship along with another file which gives evidence that you really haven’t really been associated with any sort of civil […]

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