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Two Argentineans Travel Throughout Latin America Looking for 'The Other Education' – Global Voices Online

Thursday, July 21st, 2016:

“Education in Motion,” a trip to explore, connect, and disseminate popular educational projects inspired by Latin American social movements. Photo from the campaign’s Facebook page. When we talk about education and educational quality, few of us stop to analyze how traditional education, despite evident improvements and constant evolution, continues perpetuating the stereotypes of a predominant culture that maintains little relation to the reality of Latin American communities. In recent decades, social movements have sought alternatives to promote the integration of education into the life of the communities, which gave rise to a pedagogical discipline known as public education. Along these lines […] Read More →

Teflon minimalism: The surprisingly sleek architecture of the GOP convention – Los Angeles Times

Thursday, July 21st, 2016:

The stage at the Republican National Convention, inside Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, is built to hold multitudes. And by multitudes I mean a parade of complaints about Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter, appearances by the manager of the Trump Winery and a star of “Duck Dynasty” and blunt calls for Hillary Clinton to be thrown in jail. There have also been references to Sheetrock, avocado farming and Lucifer. On Tuesday night, helping warm up the crowd for House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a man named Andy Wist, who runs a waterproofing […] Read More →

UTubers: 2 Utah couples create Pokémon Go in real life

Thursday, July 21st, 2016:

Gamers throughout the state are embracing the Pokémon Go phenomenon. While many are walking around with their smartphones trying to catch fictional Pokémon characters, two couples teamed up with their own Ash Ketchum to “evolve” the game their way and bring it to life — literally. Adam Vuinovic from Provo dressed up like Ash Ketchum, the main Pokémon character, and ran around different cities in Utah, throwing giant “pokéballs” at Nellie and Bryce Jurgensmeier (The Jurgys) and Jessica and Austin Spomer (Austin & Jess Vlogs), who were dressed as Pokémon from the game. Eventually, other Pokémon Go players joined in, […] Read More →

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