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2011 milan fashion women’s clothing ZhouGuJi appear to take the lead in qiu dong

Women’s fashion week 2011 milan qiu dong the curtain 23,, Italian fashion giant gucci takes the lead in appearance. This year, a total of 90 years old birthday gucci in 13 minutes T stage of the show, gucci handbags and strive to use fashionable and hale style shows the women feeling and the allure.

With feathers of wide brim hat will model eyes hidden; KuQun,gucci bags boot and thick NeDaYi combination, showily and do not break lively; Striking exaggerated shawls men’s style of tie-in coat, will be strong and gentle organic union.

Gucci creative director, gucci online Jenny in this season design the use of large leather and spins to deduce the noble women with charm. Lake blue PI cao short coat protect emerald green spins long skirt, brown shawl collocation silk blouse, silks and satins was clever design into a rose shape,gucci purse adornment is in the two arms and chest model. At the same time, and the white dress spins on ankle transparent fabric is above the waist under the four corners of the shorts,gucci bags sale mystery he who denies all confesses all; The base of the throat into bowknot silk scarves, long tail step with some elegant T stage,v send bundle of leather string inserted in the feathers in more will elegant feeling acme.

According to tencent) Beijing time finance 17 June evening news, because of luxury sales surge “continue” to offset the impact of the economic downturn, Britain’s top brand and li group mulberry handbags annual profit growth sharply. So far this year in the fiscal year ending march, and lisa group pre-tax profits up to 23.3 million pounds, more than 5.1 million pounds of last fiscal year have a big increase.mulberry sale

And this fiscal year li group the same kind of sales (without the influence of the new open a shop) than the last fiscal year increased by 43%. In another development, the British fashion brand mulberry bags this fiscal year is larger profit growth of this fiscal year, Burberry profit is the last fiscal year increased by 40%. In addition, the Italian luxury brand Prada Friday in Hong Kong initial public offerings. And she said, the group in the past year the group is opening a new nine stores, this group also plans in the next 10 months in a new global 6 stores. And the group, says Sally since April the group’s sales continue to “strong”. By June 4, in the past 10 weeks, this group of similar sales up 42% over last year.

And the group chief executive’s Godfrey-Davis (Godfrey Davis) said: “all the needs of the market are strong, this kind of situation has long into the new fiscal year, mulberry pursesand the prospect of li brand is’ positive ‘.” British luxury Walpole association, vice chairman of the ancient SaErTe (Guy Salter) said: “for luxury industry in this paragraph of period of prosperity, he wasn’t surprised. Mulberry LuggageThis is not a few special wealthy elite in the purchase price higher toys, alexa mulberrybut a lot of people in the purchase is regarded as luxury commodity….

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